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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st Entry!


for my first entry, i'll make it short and simple! :)

welcome to my new blog..

also, my second blog!

Mind Your Language!

inspired from a video entitled "Mind Your Language" that we watched in the English For Undergraduates class..

i'll upload the video in the next entry..

because I don't have it in my 'lappy' right now..

it's in my pendrive.. ;(

for you information,

this video is so funny.. :D

but, yet still I can learn more about English language..

the passion of the characters in this video to learn English language even though they came from various country and hard for them to understand English language..

it was fascinating me to watch it again and again.. :)

we were assigned to create a blog for this subject, English For Undergraduates, by our lecturer, Mr. Camillus Ong..

from this blog, we can learn how to write better in English..

I hope I can improve my English in writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and so on..

*in every aspect!* :)

so, I think that is all for now..

see you all again next time.. :)

take care..


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