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Sunday, February 5, 2012

:: Why no sounds??::

Let's watch a video from this my member's blog:

Your speaker having problems?
No.. No.. It was our video..
It had no sound for actor and actress..
It was a miming role play from our group..

For this task, our group need to produce a mime's video. At first, we had problems to find ideas for our video. It was hard to make a video without script where we need to focus on our expression to express our feeling. As I am not a good actress, I'm trying my best to make sure our video is the best~

The main idea came up in the middle of the night and the next day, we went to the playground near to our house. We started to shoot for our video. The setting was at the playground where two naughty kids felt boring and they saw an innocent boy was playing at the swing near them. They bullied the innocent boy to have fun. Suddenly the boy felt from the swing and injured himself. The naughty kids felt guilty and asked for apologize. In the end, they became good friend.

After finished shooting, we agreed to ask Muslim to edit the video. He is an expert in editing and making an interesting video.

I really enjoyed the whole process while shooting and editing the video. From this experience, I realizes that co-operation among group member is important and the key to succeed in life. I hope the co-operation and friendship among us will last forever.

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