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Thursday, February 3, 2011

:: Oh, Mr. SQ3R! ::

Hey, darls!

Have you ever try any technique or tricks to track important information when you read any articles or books?

For me, I will just go through the pages without thinking any technique which can help me to search important points faster.
I know there are lots of trick and method which I can use in my reading, but LAZY is the suitable word to describe everything. :) *wink3*

But, after spending another hour with Mr. Camillus, I got a point where I should not waste my time to read the passage again and again.
Because he taught me on how to use SQ3R method in reading. *i like!*
Hurmm.. I never heard about SQ3R before. *aww..pity me!* :(

Thanks to Mr. Camillus for introducing mr. SQ3R to me. :)

At first, I don't understand what is SQ3R. Sounds like a 'jakun'. *i admit that!* haha..
But then, he asked us to find any article and try to apply SQ3R method to help us in reading.
He also provided us a guide on how to apply SQ3R method.
Luckily, it helps me to understand more about the steps in SQ3R method.

Opss.. What are the steps in SQ3R? :)

SQ3R is a reading strategy formed from its letters:






Note: SQ3R will help you build a framework to understand your reading assignment.

*copied from http://www.studygs.net/texred2.htm*

Then, I know and understand how to apply this method in my reading.
It is more easy than I need to read again and again without understanding the passage. :) *for sure!*

Will I use this method in future?
Hurm..I think I will IF I don't forget about its existence. hehe.. :)
But, I really need to apply this method in my reading technique, so that I won't wasting my time before or in examination hall.
It is important in study last minute technique. hoho..
*just kidding!*
Don't worry! I will practice this method in my reading because I just fall in love with it after applying it on my assignment before. :) *test-drive succeed!*

::if you wanna know more about Mr. SQ3R, you can read it from here : SQ3R !::
best of luck, darls!

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